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Additional Information about The Eternal Frontier: An Ecological History of North America and Its Peoples by Tim F. Flannery (2001, Hardcover)
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Publisher's Note
A paleontologist offers an ecological tour of North America, from the asteroid strike that killed the dinosaurs sixty-five million years ago to the present.

Industry reviews
"This is in many ways a splendid book, let down only by Flannery's occasional flights of fantasy....Tim Flannery is the real thing: a man with a fight for lucid exposition, who can really make his subject come alive...."
Literary Review - Frank McLynn (05/01/2001)
"Watch out, fellow North Americans. This gutsy Aussie may have read our landscape and ecological history with greater clarity than any native son."
Natural History  
"Tim Flannery's book will forever change your perspective on the North American continent."
New York Review of Books - John Terborgh (09/20/2001)