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The Doors
3 DVDs/ NTSC/ Region: ALL
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Feast of Friends 1969
Murray The K Outtakes
Silent 8mm Films

Here is a wonderful collection of some the rarest Doors footage anywhere! All from bootlegs; nothing from commercial release.
These 3 discs feature the following:
DVD 1 -

The Feast of Friends film, 1969
The Doors' own documentary put together from footage filmed during their 1968 American tour. The film was completed in March 1969.

DVD 2 -

The PBS Critique

+ 3 False Takes of 'People Are Strange' from Murray The K

DVD 3 -

Super RARE 8mm
Very rare silent footage from these venues:

HOUSTON 7-10-1968
CHICAGO 2-15-1970
Critical Review:

DATE: 03-09/xx/1968
LOCATION: Various (See Below)
FORMAT: Semi-Documentary
LENGTH: 38:19


In late 1967, Paul Ferrara began his career as The Doors
official photographer after a chance meeting with Pam Courson,
snapping photos of her as she modeled fashion for a clothing shop
in Los Angeles. During the shoot, she explained to Paul that her
boyfriend Jim Morrison was in a rock band and that he needed a
steady photographer, someone unlike the various photographers the
magazines were sending out. Paul explained to Pam that he had gone
to film school with Jim at U.C.L.A., and the meeting was quickly

An agreement was made that Paul would snap photos of the band
during their performance at the Fillmore in San Francisco, and the
negatives were developed and dropped off at The Doors office. Soon
after, Paul was given a full time job and the opportunity to design
what would become The Doors official concert book and tour poster.
He would also be given a share of the profits. As The Doors
in-house photographer, he would also be put in charge of providing
photographs to the magazines and publications that requested them
for the use in the articles they were doing on The Doors.

In April of 1968, the concert book and 'Light My Fire' poster
were complete. Paul approached Ray with the idea of filming some of
the chaos that was happening at the concerts. With Ray's approval,
he began his experiment with 16mm black and white film. The test
would prove a success, and the production of film for what would
later be known as Feast of Friends, had begun.

Shot mainly in color but also in Black & White, the 16mm footage was
filmed with an Arriflex and occasionally an Eclair. Under the
supervision of Jim and The Doors, Paul began to piece together
successions of the footage on a 16mm Moviola in an experiment to
see how things would look in sequential order. The film would be
processed at CFI Laboratories in Los Angeles. The short screenings
began at the rehearsal space under The Doors office on Santa Monica
Boulevard, where they received positive responses from the viewers
who had attended the showings. The test proved a success, and
shortly after, Paul's longtime friend Babe Hill came to live in
California, where he quickly learned to record audio using a Nagra.
He was also taught how to switch out film in a changing bag,
allowing Paul to continue filmwing with an already loaded camera.
Babe's first recording session would take place in May at the
Northern California Folk Rock Festival. Babe can be spotted
throughout various shots, including The Doors performance at the
Cleveland Public Auditorium.

As filming continues, more crew members began to take part in
the production. Actor Harrison Ford, a friend of Paul's, came to
work as a grip for the crew. It can be said that Harrison also did
some filming. Later, Frank Lisciandro would enter the production as
film editor. Frank would also join Paul and Babe in March 1969 to
film Jim's 10 page script 'The Hitchhiker', which would later be
known as 'HWY'. By July, the Hollywood Bowl performance was ready
to be filmed and recorded with professional sound. The last day of
filming will take place on September 1st in Saratoga Springs, New
York, shortly before The Doors head to London for the start of
their European performance schedule. Throughout The Doors 1968
North American tour, an estimated 50,000 feet of performance and
backstage footage would be captured on film.

In March 1969 following the Miami incident, The Doors put an
end to the project. What had already been pieced together was
titled 'Feast of Friends' in a decision made by Jim following the
announcement from Bill Siddons that the project was on hold. In the
course of a few days, the entire production came to an end. The
crew would now go on to film 'HWY'.

Although 'Feast of Friends' has been screened at various
benefits and festivals, the film has eluded an official release in
its original edit for over forty years. The bootleg copies known to
collectors are sourced from these original screenings. Various
portions of the filmwork can be seen throughout The Doors official
promotional videos released throughout the 80's and 90's. Large
portions of the filmwork are now featured in the 2010 documentary
'When You're Strange' by director Tom DiCillo.
Strange Days
Albinoni's Adagio in G Minor (Background)
Wild Child
Albinoni's Adagio in G Minor
Moonlight Drive
Five to One
Not To Touch The Earth
Dahomey Dance (Ray Manzarek)
Arthritis Blues (Robby Krieger)
Ode to Friedrich Nietzsche (Jim Morrison)
The End (Live at the Hollywood Bowl)
Neptune, The Mystic (Gustav Holst)
Paul Ferrara - Director
Babe Hill - Sound Engineer
Frank Lisciandro - Editor
Harrison Ford - Assistant
David Thompson - Cameraman (Hollywood Bowl)
Steve Wax - Cameraman (Hollywood Bowl)
Film Locations:
Note: Performance footage may or may not exist from the
venues listed below.

Santa Rosa - April 13th 1968 at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds
Grace Pavilion
Westbury - April 19th 1968 at the Westbury Music Fair
Toronto - April 20th 1968 at the CNE
San Jose - May 19th 1968 at the Santa Clara County
Fresno - June 7th 1968 at the Fresno District Fairgrounds
Bakersfield - June 8th 1968 at the Civic Center
Santa Barbara - June 28th 1968 at the La Playa Stadium
San Diego - June 29th 1968 at the Community Concourse Golden
Hollywood - July 5th 1968 at the Hollywood Bowl
Dallas - July 9th 1968 at the Memorial Auditorium
Houston - July 10th 1968 at the Sam Houston Coliseum
Seattle - July 12th 1968 at the Center Arena
Honolulu - July 20th 1968 at the International Civic Arena
New York - August 2nd 1968 at the Singer Bowl
Cleveland - August 3rd 1968 at the Public Auditorium
Philadelphia - August 4th 1968 at the Arena
Columbia - August 30th 1968 at the Merriweather Post Pavilion
Asbury Park - August 31st 1968 at the Convention Hall
Saratoga Springs - September 1st 1968 at the Peforming Arts