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DVD-R with simple menus and paper sleeve. No artwork.

The film is region free and available in both NTSC format (correct format for North American dvd players) or PAL.

Not currently available on dvd. The dvd sold here is a vhs transfer (from the long out-of-print official vhs) made using an image stabilizer. The movie is complete and uncut. The quality is very good. Screencaps used to illustrate this listing are taken directly from the dvd with no additional enhancement.

Just a note to non-US buyers: The asking price for non-US buyers is $20.99. I'm sorry, but because of the extremely high cost of international shipping, any purchase made at the price set for US buyers ($14.99) can *only* be sent to a US shipping address. Please understand that if you buy at the US only price and then change your shipping location to any non-US country afterwards, I will have to refund your money and cancel the order *unless* you provide a US shipping address. Thanks.

Stars Laurence Olivier, Burt Lancaster, and Kirk Douglas

Directed by Guy Hamilton from a screenplay by John Dighton and Roland Kibbee from the play by George Bernard Shaw.

B & W, 1959, 1 hour 23 minutes, fullscreen with stereo sound

* completely uncut
* no commercials
* simple menus
* all credits
* TDK dvd-r , plain sleeves
* NTSC /region 0 or PAL /region 0