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Wonderfully obscure Italian possession themed tale, with many similarities to Blatty's THE EXORCIST. However this film precedes the latter by ten years! Filmed in glorious black + white, this is not to be missed. Full screen print with Italian audio and English subtitles.There's no mention of Blatty in the credits, yet you'll see many familiar scenarios: wild-eyed and mussed hair girl, spewing venomous cursing in a hoarse voice at the priest who brandishes a cross. Writhing in pain as an invisible force inflicts injury (and implied sexual assault). The famous pose of Linda Blair...on her knees on her bed, reaching up as if in pain as Pazuzu's statue envelopes her in almost a perfect copy of a pose Dahlia Lavi strikes as the priest attempts to exorcise the demon in her in the church. The spitting in the face of the priest (sorry, no jet stream of bile). The reptilian-like tongue flicking out (in blasphemy to the cross)... For crying out loud, she even does the spider walk (!) while in the church. While most these scenes are considerably tamer and more subdued than the excesses seen in "The Exorcist", they are effectively creepy at times, especially the aforementioned "spider walk" scene. Lavi is actually a very beautiful woman, and while never really sporting any "scary" makeup, her expressions convey the demon inside her nearly as well as the creepy makeup effects used with Linda Blair. This movie precedes The Exorcist by 10 years, and I imagine it must have been pretty shocking in it's day. Was "Il Demonio" a heavy influence for the makers of "The Exorcist"? i think so,... but see it, and judge for yourself. DVDR Will play on any DVD recorder / player manufactured since 2000. Free worldwide shipping included .