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The Deep 1977
Extended Cut
1980 Tv Airing

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Original Denver Colorado 1980 TV airing
contains 53 minutes of extra footage

Wow.. Another great find to add to your collection.. This is the original 1980 Denver Colorado ABC airing of the1977 movie " The Deep " starring Nick Nolte, Jacqueline Bissett, Robert Shaw, Eli Wallach, and Lou Gossett Jr.

The movie aired over 2 night in 1980 on a local Denver, Colorado ABC station.. This version has approx 53 extra minutes of footage that was not included in the original theatrical release.. These minutes are not even on the Blu Ray version that was released this year.. That Blu ray verion only has about 10 minutes of extra scenes.

This version has 53 minutes of extra footage..Below are the scenes that are included in this version. Also as a plus , included are original 1980 commercials,plus even some promos for ABC shows from 1980
Please Note the original recordings were made 30 years ago and the quality will not be like the movies released today.. The quality is not bad and is watchable. The audio is nice and plays well.. Again please bear in mind that the original recording was made 30 years ago and the quality will show this on the dvds..
The version aired in the original ABC network telecast contained 53 minutes of extra footage that were not shown in the theatrical production. This version was broadcast over two nights in early 1980. The additional material includes:
• When the film starts, it begins with a two and a half minute prologue of the munition ship going down in the storm, while a young Adam Coffin is on board. There is also a title card, claiming the film has been "edited for television." In the morning after, a young Romer Treece finds Coffin barely alive, covered by a piece of debris.

• The opening scene includes an extra shot of Gail being pulled by an unseen eel.

• In addition to the extra shot, this version omits many of the "money shots" of Jacqueline Bisset's t-shirt.

• There is added ADR of David asking Gail if she's really alright, once the two are back on the boat.

• In the same scene, the shot wherein the two examine the medallion is from a new angle.

• When the two get back to the island, Gail goes and takes a quick rinse of the salt water, though her line referencing it, heard in the theatrical cut, is deleted. This scene goes on to show more footage of David and Slake discussing the events of the morning. The scene ends with David and Gail going to the elevator.

• A new scene after David and Gail are in the library, where the two go to see the librarian(spoken of in the theatrical version) where the librarian reveals that Treece has been on every Bermuda wreck, that Treece is a very secretive person, and warns the two that people on St. David's Island are not very friendly.

• Longer scene of David and Gail's journey to St. David's Island. This includes padded footage of the two on motor-scooters, and David asking Gail if they have the right directions.

• When David and Gail arrive at Treece's lighthouse, they search the area, find artifacts from the sea, and ponder whether Treece is even at home, only to be startled by Kevin, threatening the two with a rifle before letting them see Treece.

• After the first visit with Treece, there is an extra shot of him in his library.

• The Haitian motor chase is much longer, providing a more gritty feel, before the kidnapping. This scene includes different angles, and close ups of David and Gail's feet as they helplessly pedal.

• An extra shot of the Haitian car taking David and Gail to Cloche's hideout.

• The scene where Cloche searches David and Gail has been highly edited, save for a few new moments at the end when Cloche forces David and Gail back into their blindfolds, and warns them not to go to the authorities, telling them instead to forget the whole thing ever happened.

• Extra establishing shots of the scene that introduces Coffin.

• In the scene on the water, when Treece and David argue the morphine, the end has included a shot of Gail storming out of the cabin.

• The argument between David and Gail in their cabin is longer; They are writing postcards, and start to discuss how stupid 'games' on T.V. are. This leads to the argument that we start the scene with in the theatrical cut.

• While diving at night, David and Treece discuss Adam, and why he's not to be trusted, including his 'story' and history, and why Treece doesn't let Adam dive with them. Later, the scene extends even more, showing us Treece's knowledge of the sea, and we learn a little bit about his own history.

• A small scene has been added with Gail at the Hotel restaurant, alone, while David and Treece are diving.

• A plethora of extra footage of David and Treece diving has been added, including underwater scenes, and scenes inside the shipwreck.

• After Treece and David get done diving, Cloche's men, in a speedboat, taunt the two, by circling them. The line heard in the ship "The biggest moray eel I ever saw" is heard in full form here as well.

• Extra footage has been added with the struggle of David and Treece against Cloche's men; David's elevator fight is longer, and a small segment where Treece attacks a man with a sprinkler and hose is added.

• Later that night, at Treece's lighthouse, we see David put Gail to bed, but she gets up. This scene also features a longer conversation between David and Treece, where David apologizes to Treece for blaming him in an earlier scene, and admits his own selfishness. The conversation between Treece and Gail and equally been extended, with Gail asking Treece about his wife, Treece becoming gruff on the subject, and Gail apologizing.

• The next scene with David and Gail in the bedroom has been dramatically extended, with Gail and David having a full conversation about their trip, Gail confessing that she likes Treece, and finally, the two admitting their love for each other, and the scene ends with a new, longer take of the two kissing.

• The next scene at the sporting even features longer conversation between Treece, and Cloche; It's revealed that Cloche's men killed Treece's wife over a miscommunicated ship sinking.

• Before the three go down to hunt the treasure, there is extra conversation of David asking Gail if she's okay, Gail explaining why she wants to wear a tank, and Treece laughing with her.

• More underwater footage has been added to the next scene.

• In the theatrical cut, Gail sends the ampules up alone. This time, she takes them up herself, and while she's letting Kevin refill her oxygen tank, there is a small conversation about Treece; He was always like a 'King' of St. David's Island, always having an eye on things (this explains an earlier line: 'I'm all the government you need, boy!) and rumors of Treece being linked as a partner to Cloche.

• When Treece is planting the ampules in the lighthouse, extra dialogue of David asking Treece about his past his added.

• The second conversation between Cloche and Coffin is much longer, with Cloche tricking Coffin into trusting him and telling him about Treece's secrecy.

• Extended dinner scene between Gail, David, and Treece, where new information of the treasure is revealed.

• When Coffin arrives at St. David's, there is an extended greeting; Treece tells Coffin he has rum waiting for him, and David suggests a whole other 3 lock box that may exist. Later, in the scene, an extra conversation revealing how exhausted David and Gail are, takes place.

• Upon leaving to blow up the Goliath, David and Treece exchange heated words, and Treece's character development comes full circle, revealing he was never in cahoots with Cloche.

• Before the final dive, Treece teaches Gail how to use Kevin's rifle, for protection. Then, Gail takes care of the diving equipment.

While scuba-diving near shipwrecks off Bermuda, vacationing couple David Sanders ( Nick Nolte) and Gail Berke ( Jacqueline Bisset) recover a number of artifacts, including an ampule of amber-colored liquid and a medallion bearing the image of a woman and the letters "S.C.O.P.N." and a date, 1714. On the advice of friends, Sanders and Berke seek the advice of lighthouse-keeper and treasure-hunter Romer Treece ( Robert Shaw) on the origin of the medallion, who identifies the item as Spanish and takes an interest in the young couple. The ampule is noticed by the man who had rented diving equipment to Sanders and Berke, which in turn attracts the attention of Henri Cloche ( Louis Gossett, Jr), a local drug kingpin for whom the shop owner works, and he begins to terrorize the couple. The ampule contains medicinal morphine from the Goliath, a ship that sank during World War II with a cargo of munitions and medical supplies. The wreck of the Goliath is considered dangerous and is posted as off-limits to divers due to the danger of explosions. Treece concludes that a recent storm has exposed her cargo of morphine and unearthed a much older wreck containing Spanish treasure.

Sanders, Berke, and Treece make several dives to the wrecks, recovering thousands of morphine ampules from Goliath and several additional artifacts from the Spanish wreck. The group are attacked by tiger sharks, fed stimulants by Cloche to make them more aggressive and prone to attack the trio as well as a gigantic moray eel dubbed 'Percy' by Treece during these dives. Through research in Treece's library, they reconstruct the history of the lost treasure ship, locate a list of valuable items, including a metallic jar with the letters "EF" engraved on it, and learn the identity of the noblewoman ( Isabella Farnese) for whom they were intended. Sanders is determined to locate some of the items on the list to establish provenance; Treece wishes to destroy the Goliath to put the morphine out of reach of Cloche; and Cloche interferes with their efforts so that he can recover the morphine for himself. During a running series of conflicts Adam Coffin ( Eli Wallach), the only survivor from Goliath, is killed when he triggers a booby-trap while trying to steal the recovered morphine and Treece's friend Kevin ( Robert Tessier) is murdered by one of Cloche's henchmen. A climactic battle during the final dive insues, with Cloche and his divers as well Percy being destroyed in the destruction of the Goliath and the discovery of a gold necklace that provides the needed provenance of the treasure.
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