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The Death Of Ocean View Park
TV Movie On DVD + R

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Ahhh.. those great tv movies from the 1970’s and 1980’s . They
were classic.. Aliens, Natural Disasters, Hauted Houses, The
Last Dinonsaur.. Yes you heard me right, even dinosaurs..
Who remembers that movie called “ The Last Dinosaur “ with
Joan Van Ark ..

Well here we have up for sale the great 1979 tv movie called
“ The Death of Ocean View Park “ starring Mike Connors, Martin
Landau, Diana Canova, Perry Lang, and Mare Winningham.

Ocean View Amusement Park is like any other amusement park
in any state. Its been open for about 50 years or so. One day a
hurricane hits the town and for some reason never really explained,
it has some strange effect on the park. The park becomes jinxed and
nothing can stop the park from inpending diaster on the park’s
biggest July 4 th party ever .

On an interesting sidenote, the real Ocean View Park where the movie
was shot, was actually scheduled to be torn down so the producers of
the movie shot scenes of the park being destroyed for real and used it
in the movie..

Picture Video and Audio Is Great . This movie is not available anywhere
so here is your only chance to get it.
Movie will come on DVD + R . Most DVD players today can
play them.
All Images are taken from the DVD itself.. Check out that quality..
Free Shipping Included…. Free Shipping Included
Cast List

Mike Connors
Sam Jackson
Diana Canova
Sheila Brady
Perry Lang
Billy Robbins
Caroline McWilliams
Paula Williams
James Stephens
Phil Brady
Mare Winningham
Jenny Flowers
Martin Landau
Tom Flood
Mel Stewart
Herman Reece
Aarika Wells
Janina Mathews
Jessica Jackson
Movie will be in plain white paper dvd sleeve
No artwork given to keep costs down
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