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A Bucket of Blood (1995) aka The Death Artist

This rare cable TV remake of the Roger Corman classic, A Bucket of Blood, features murder, nudity, insane performance art pieces and an incredible cast.

This horror/black comedy film tells the story of a nerdy busboy who turns to murder in order to create his unique sculptures. This made for Showtime remake, which was produced by Roger Corman, was later released on home video under the title The Death Artist. It has never been made available on DVD.
Anthony Michael Hall
Justine Bateman
Shadoe Stevens (!!!)
Sam Lloyd
Paul Bartel
Mink Stole
David Cross
Will Ferrell (film debut)
Jennifer Coolidge
Michael McDonald
Alan Sues

Directed by Michael McDonald

Executive Produced by Roger Corman

Good VHS Transfer
DVD-R in Plain Sleeve