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This is it ...The stuff of legend !

This auction is offering the massive 163-page script from the still unreleased 1974 film production,

THE DAY THE CLOWN CRIED , starring comedic genius of stage, television and screen, Jerry Lewis.

You've probably already heard about this somewhat misguided movie project which attempted to squeeze

both humor and sappy pathos out of the premise of a World War II era clown named Helmut Doork, whose

task it is to lure little children into Nazi death camp gas chambers. No copy of the film has ever surfaced in

any form, so this script is your only way of experiencing this epic and highly unusual bit of entertainment.

Occasionally, other copies of this script float around, but those inevitably turn out to just be duped down

xeroxes of this clean, fresh source copy that were purchased from me in the past. Unlike those no-frills

copies, I've taken the time to dress up the item I'm offering with a handsome custom cover and added lots

of rare extras that you won't find in other copies. To make this package a definitive examination of this

amazing film, I've included several pages of scarce original studio promotional text for the production

which includes a thorough Lewis career biography from that time ... there's also a page with photos of

Jerry as the clown and fascinating reflections from Lewis regarding the film. To top it off, there's a scarce

full page image of Jerry clowning on the film set beneath a huge painting of Hitler ! In short, this is the most

handsome and professional copy of this script you're going to find with rare, exclusive extras, coming directly

from the very fellow who first uncovered this unusual treasure decades ago. You'll not find a cleaner one than

this ... In fact, Jerry himself said as much when I gave him one backstage during his one-man-show in Las

Vegas years ago. He told me his original production copy is " a real mess, that is all marked up " and was

genuinely pleased to have a pristine new reference copy ... What more can I say ?