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Key questions every trader is searching for answers to ?
How do I trade the markets consistently and profitably ?
what are the main drivers behind price movement ?
How do I zone in on the best trading opportunities ?
The first step is to understand what causes price action.
Price action is caused by a shift in sentiment and the equilibrium
in the market which can be a fundamental event or a sudden impact
that causes risk aversion / appetite resulting in buying or
The trick is to be able to anticipate these moves before they
happen. The market will always give you signs of this as its
reflected in the price and overall sentiment. Many trading systems
and tools have been developed to try and spot these trading
opportunities. The flaw in most of these systems is that they are
looking back at historical data and not at the current
We at Forex wealth have developed a tool that gives you a concise
picture of what is going on globally from a 1min up to a 1 day
time  frame. It compares  all the currency strengths and
weaknesses and gives a volatility index that indicates where the
greatest movement is.
All this is displayed on one screen in the form of graphs and a
heat map so you can easily spot these moves at a glance. In
addition to this I have added commodities and stock markets to help
you anticipate movements using inter market correlations.
A software trading tool that compares strengths and weaknesses of
currencies ,commodities
and equities. Correlations are clearly defined allowing you to zone
in on the best possible
trading opportunities
Simple user interface displays overall market movements across
Forex , commodities and Stock Indicies
Compare strengths and weaknesses across
time frames from 1 min to 1 day
Simple easy to read
map identifies market movements immediately
different instruments clearly displayed
Set your own
strength alerts on any currency upper  & lower level and
on  any time frame
combination of time frames
Alerts received via
alarm ,pop up  or email (sms)
Screen display can be set to suit any size monitor
Set alerts to go off at intervals from 1 sec to 1 day
Simple trading rules & methodology, no complicated
to 60 + pips per session
 on 2 to 4 hours
trading a day
win/loss ratio over 70 %
profitability ratio 2.4
Reduce screen watching time , alerts can be sent to your email /