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The Crow: City of Angels - The Reconstructed Version DVD

A must have for any Crow fan! 

Via subtitled animatics, this recut, extended edition restores the story and structure that Miramax completely cut from the film after taking control away from director Tim Pope. Miramax then released a very fake “director’s cut” to the public in 1996, with the real cut never seeing the light of day. This is the most complete version to date!

Approx. 26 minutes longer than theatrical version.

This Edit attempts to re-create what the director wanted before Miramax interfered and hacked it up. This edit combines available deleted footage with intertitles and animatics to tell as much of the intended story as possible. This edit features 59 additions/alterations to the movie, along with a corrected scene order. Several continuity errors have been fixed, and several goofs have been removed as well. Taken from Wikipedia: "The Crow: City of Angels (1996) Director Tim Pope's intended theatrical version was forcibly recut from 120 minutes to 84 minutes by Miramax late in post-production. A number of subplots were deleted, scenes were re-shot and the scene order was shuffled by Miramax, giving the movie a disjointed feel and tone. The Miramax theatrical cut was released as a carbon copy of the original movie, The Crow. The Ashe/Sarah love story sub-plot was deleted, along with the original "dark" ending. The Full director's cut is said to be approximately 160 minutes. Released "director's cut" is a false claim on Miramax's part and is not a real director's cut. Tim Pope has not been allowed to release his version."
Video: Anamorphic Widescreen, 112 minutes

Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1 surround
Great Quality!

DVD+R Comes in plain sleeve