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Discover How You Can Achieve Success After Success And Perceive Anything Anywhere In Space And Time Within The Screen Of Your Own Inner Mind

With The Complete Remote Viewing Training System

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Beyond Remote Viewing

Perceive anything, anywhere, in space and time using potent techniques that go powerfully beyond current Western and Eastern intelligence espionage methods. ARVARI uniquely enhances the standard militaristic protocols by applying ancient spiritual secrets
No Prior Training Is Needed

The Remote Viewing techniques taught by the ARVARI are unique in that they teach you the easily attainable state of mind focused upon the level of the Universal Mind (undifferentiated knowing).

In this course you will easily learn to integrate our powerful mind enhancement technology which has vast practical applications such as...

* Enhancing your life in almost any conceivable way
* Perceiving any present, past, or probable future situation, event, or place
* Improving your prosperity - the application of viewing the future is extraordinary for investments, business, and employment opportunities
* Improving relationships
* Intuiting dangerous or unpleasant situations in advance and avoiding them
* Sensing health issues and preventing or correcting them
* Learning to recognize and listen to your inner guidance that sends messages to protect and help you

Better Health For You and Others

You can use Remote Viewing to sense health problems and then take corrective action  with Remote Influencing  and restore perfect health for yourself and others

Improved Love Life and Relationships

Remote View your relationships and foresee potential problems before they develop. You see the other person's real desires and needs, sense barriers, and this allows you to respond appropriately. You then know the best way to improve your love life and relationships.

Remote View your children to see what they are doing, and then Remote Influence them BEFORE someone else influences them - the wrong way!

Increased Career And Business Opportunities

Remote View a better job and view the job interview before being interviewed so as to know the needs and wants of the company beforehand. Then use Remote Influencing to establish rapport and convince them that you are the employee that they need.

Remote View to start your most successful new business. Use Remote Viewing to detect the information that will help you solve problems, then use Remote Influencing to implement your ideas and influence others that you have the right answers.

Educational Benefits

Study and memorize any material while being in a Theta brainwave state, and experience super concentration and accelerated learning abilities. Use Remote Viewing to intuit what test subjects might be asked of you.

Enhanced Investment Accuracy

Remote View the most appropriate and safest investment vehicles that will keep your financial assets safe and growing through these troubled times.
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