Item Description
Directed by Albert Zugsmith, this psychedelic tale of terror is a startling piece of Mexican cinematic horror starring Elizabeth Campbell. Full screen print in English audio. Video quality is only 6.5 / 10 but there really isn't any other way to view this rarity.

Welcome to a place where the men and women are young and beautiful, and they are fabulously wealthy, living in mansions overlooking the ocean! Indeed, even the servants are gorgeous! Where is this magical place? Well, from the characters' names we would assume a Spanish-speaking country. (It was actually filmed in Acapulco.) But most of the actors are Americans, and everyone speaks perfect English, including the servants.
The overall acting and editing are very good. There are also several dream/nightmare sequences, which create an eerie psychedelic feeling.
The titular "chinese room" refers to a room that is used for intoxicating oneself with 'magic mushrooms'.
There is a hell of a lot more going on, but you know what, ah, just watch it!
Elizabeth Campbell is one of the interesting footnotes in film history, being an American born actress who had quite a career in Mexican wrestling films.
Fans of crazy ass Mexican type horror flicks should love this one.

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