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The Chief Complete Series 1,2,3,4,5

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Series One

Tim Pigott-Smith (The Vice) stars as John Stafford, a newly promoted Chief Constable, in this police procedural drama series with a difference. The Chief shows a police force undergoing a culture change, as the outspoken and deeply committed Stafford attempts to reform crime-prevention policies and challenge the frequently unacceptable behaviour of his front-line officers. There are always difficult decisions to be made, and often at a professional and personal cost. The cast of this powerful drama series, originally transmitted in 1990, also includes Judy Loe (Ace of Wands) as Stafford’s doctor wife, Elizabeth, and Eastenders stars Tony Caunter and Ross Kemp.

Having appointed Anne Stewart (Karen Archer - Chancer) as his deputy, Chief Constable John Stafford promotes his highly capable colleague to the rank of Head of Crime and Operations at Eastland, East Anglia. The promotion proves deeply unpopular, and, when Anne encounters rampant workplace misogyny, exposes some of the more unpleasant institutional attitudes among the ranks. While Anne faces a wall of prejudice as well as the personal difficulties arising from her son’s drug addiction, Stafford’s strategies for tackling the ever-mounting challenges of modern policing - be they the consequences of an increasingly violent drugs subculture, militant student actions or vigilante gangs - frequently bring him into conflict with his superiors. His high-level adversaries include the Home Office - whose staff watch his actions with interest, and more than a little concern…

Series Two

John Stafford is back at work at East Anglia’s Eastland station following his temporary suspension. While Stafford continues to challenge what he regards as outmoded practices and attitudes, he and his deputy, Anne Stewart, face more tense situations at the sharp end of policing; this second series, originally screened in 1991, sees them tackling animal rights activism and environmental protest, negotiating throughout a dramatic siege, and dealing with the aftermath of the tragic death of one of Eastland’s officers.

Series THree

Series three of this outstanding police procedural drama sees the role of Chief Constable passing from John Stafford (played by Tim Pigott-Smith) to former Metropolitan Deputy Assistant Commissioner Alan Cade (Martin Shaw – The Professionals, Judge John Deed). This release contains all six episodes, originally transmitted in 1993.

As John Stafford takes up a new position with Europol, Alan Cade replaces him as Chief Constable at Eastland, East Anglia; Anne Stewart continues as Cade’s deputy. While Cade is every bit as capable as his predecessor, he finds that the challenge of frontline policing continues to be eclipsed by the pressure to manage ever-tighter budgets and justify expenditure. Sharing Stafford’s tolerant but scrupulous approach, he also faces ongoing conflict with his superiors, and certain local politicians whose cavalier attitudes towards issues of civil liberties contrast sharply with his own.

Series Four

While this fourth series continues to show the many challenges facing Cade and his frontline team, from drug crime to terrorist bombings, witness intimidation and the exploitation of migrant workers, the focus remains on the politics of modern policing. The former Met commissioner’s radical approach still antagonises his superiors at the Home Office, and he is now witnessing the gradual centralisation and unaccountability of the government agencies that are taking over different police roles. And, as ever, Cade’s deep commitment to Eastland is taking an unremitting toll on his personal relationships…

Series Five

Featuring scripts by Ian Kennedy Martin (The Sweeney), this fifth and final series sees Cade’s antagonists closing in. He finds both his job and his reputation on the line when a national newspaper splashes an article criticising his record as Chief Constable, and suggesting that all those around him would like to see him go. Someone closely associated with Cade is responsible for supplying the journalist with details...

Tim Pigott-Smith
Martin Shaw
Karen Archer
Gillian Martell
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Region: Free
Country: UK
Language: English
Runtime : 30 hrs
Air Date :1990–1995
Filming Locations: England
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