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CULT giallo from director Sergio (TORSO) Martino!

"In England, Lisa Baumer (Evelyn Stewart) is busy having a night of passion with her lover when she receives word that her husband has died in an airplane explosion. Informed that she is to inherit $1,000,000 from the insurance company, she immediately flies out to Athens to pick up this hefty sum. While in Greece, she runs into a number of unsavoury types, including her husband's mistress, Lara Florakis (Janine Reynaud), who also wants a piece of the pie, and Peter Lynch (George Hilton), a suave private investigator dispatched by the security company to investigate foul play. When Lisa encounters a masked fiend with a knife, Peter teams up with local reporter Cleo Dupont (Anita Strindberg) to root out the murderer."

NTSC region free

AUDIO: English, Italian / optional English or Italian subtitles

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