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This rare, witty suspense film is offered on a DVD+R
disc. (It is NOT the 1930's film with Karloff &
Lugosi.) PLEASE make certain your player accepts this media
before you purchase this item!
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Synopsis: Wealthy, eccentric, and embittered widow Winslow
makes a remarkable 'deathbed' recovery to the surprise and dismay
of her sycophant relations, only to be murdered by one of
them. When it is learned that nobody receives a penny until
the last of her beloved cats perish, things go from bad to
worse. Family, servants, a real estate agent and an
over-eager antiques dealer find themselves trapped in the aged
mansion during a raging storm. Basil Rathbone, Broderick
Crawford, Bela Lugosi, Gale Sondergaarde, Anne Gywnne, Gladys
Cooper, Hugh Herbert, and Alan Ladd stuggle to find the answers
before the killer strikes again! The film runs 71 minutes and
is in black & white.
Also included on the disc: bonus information on the cast
and production notes, plus the theatrical trailer!
This suspense film, loosely based on a short story by
Edgar Allan Poe, is filled with comedic moments, and the
cast is spectacular. The pacing is fast, never allowing a
single moment of let-up. The laughs are delivered with enough
mystery to keep you guessing.
NOTE: This is a NTSC format disc.
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