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The Dean Martin Show
is a TV


comedy series
that ran from 1965 to 1974 It was broadcast
by NBC
and hosted by

Dean Martin
. The theme song to the series was his 1964 hit "

Everybody Loves Somebody
."The series was a staple for NBC, airing Thursdays at 10:00
for 8 years, until its move to Fridays at 10:00 for the final
season and change in format. The celebrity roast specials spun off
from the final season generated solid ratings for 10 years on the
This set is made on 28 DVDr discs and no artowrk included
we will replace any defective discs
Volume 1
Lucille Ball, John Wayne, Rowan & Martin, Phil Silvers,
Bill Cosby, Bing Crosby, Jonathan Winters, Frank Sinatra

Volume 2
Don Rickles, Florence Henderson, Peter Sellers, Bob Newhart,
Tony Bennett, Jonathan Winters, Jimmy Stewart

Volume 3
Dom De Luise, Peter Sellers, Juliet Prowse, Gina
Lollobrigida, Peggy Lee, George Gobel, Orson Wells

Volume 4
Michael Landon, Don Rickles, Roy Rogers & Dale Evans,
James Stewart, Buddy Hackett, Rowan & Martin, Bill Cosby,
Rosemary Clooney, Petula Clark, Goldie Hawn

Volume 5
Bob Hope, Johnny Carson Jack Klugman, Ruth Buzzi Howard
Cosell, John Wayne, Dennis Weaver

Volume 6
Orson Wells, Liberace, Art Carney, Steve Lawrence, Flip
Wilson, Olivia Newton-John

Volume 7
Rich Little, Ella Fitzgerald, Jack Benny, Monty Hall,
Ann-Margaret, Joey Bishop, Ronald Reagan, Ruth Buzzi, Danny Thomas,
Pat Boone

Volume 8
George Gobel, Debbie Reynolds, Englbert Humperdink, Phil
Silvers, Nipsey Russel, Jack Benny, Charles Nelson Reilly

Volume 9
Ed Sullivan, Michael Landon, Shirley Jones, Peter Falk,
Gladys Knight & the Pips, Raquel Welch, Ginger Rogers, Robert

Volume 10
Gene Kelly, Bob Newhart, Johnathan Winters, Minnie Pearl, Art
Carney, Buddy Hackett, Frank Sinatra, Liberace, and Rosemary

Volume 11
Lena Horne, Bing Crosby, singer Glen Campbell, Ann-Margaret,
Joey Bishop, Petula Clark, Orson Welles, Goldie Hawn, Dom DeLuise
and Jonathan Winters.

Volume 12
Frank Sinatra, Ruth Buzzi Jimmy Durante, Sid Caesar, Petula
Clark, Bob Newhart and Victor Borge.

Volume 13
Flip Wilson Marty Feldman, Jimmy Stewart, Ann-Margaret and
Joey Heatherton, Paul Lynde, Dennis Weaver and Dick Martin.

Volume 14
Pat Boone, Angie Dickenson, Orson Welles, Elaine Stritch,
Zero Mostel, Marty Feldman, Paul Lynde, Dom DeLuise and Jonathan

Volume 15
Singer Ernie Ford, Gene Kelly, Flip Wilson, Lorne Green,
George Burns, Paul Lynde, Jonathan Winters, Dom DeLuise and Marty

Volume 16
Dionne Warwick and Crystal Gayle, Ruth Buzzi, Jerry Reed,
Jonathan Winters and Dom DeLuise, Linda Lavin and Shirley Jones and
the Gold diggers.

Volume 17
Jack Benny, Kris Kristofferson, Loretta Lynn, The statler
brothers, Barbara Mandrell, Ray Stevens, Jimmy Stewart, Jimmy
Carter, Charlie Rich, and Jerry Reed.

Volume 18
Liberace, Don Adams, Petula Clark, Dom Deluise, Jonathan
Winters, Art Carney, Paul Lynde, Orsen Welles, and Tony Bennett.

Volume 19
Ernest Borgnine, Foster Brooks, D. Deluise, Gene Kelly, Bob
Newhart, Frank Sinatra, Elaine Stritch, Orsen Welles

Volume 20
George Burns, Red Buttons, Bing Crosby, D. Deluise, Lorne
Green, Florence Henderson, Bob Newhart, Frank Sinatra.

Volume 21
Orson Welles, Lawrence Welk, Kate Smith, Gene Kelly, Lena
Horne, Marty Feldman, Buddy Ebsen, Howard Cosell, Victor Borge, Ann

Volume 22
Gene Kelly, Victor Borge, Bill Cosby, Vince Edwards, Judy
Garland, Rocky Graziano, Ethel Merman, Peter Sellers, Dionne
Warwick, Jonathan Winters.

Volume 23
Kate Smith, Louis Armstrong, Petula Clark, Bing Crosby,
William Holden, Bob Hope, David Janssen, Michael Landon, Bob
Newhart, Mickey Rooney.

Volume 24
Lena Horne, Ann Margret, Dom DeLuise, David Hasselhoff, Bob
Newhart, Burt Reynolds, Debbie Reynolds, Frank Sinatra, Jonathan

Volume 25
George Burns, Buddy Ebsen, Marty Feldman, Shecky Greene,
Barbara Heller, Lena Horne, Roger Miller, Zero Mostel, Charles

Volume 26
Eddie Albert, Barbara Feldon, George Gobel, Andy Griffith,
Buddy Hackett, Van Johnson, Paul Lynde, Orsen Welles, Jonathan

Volume 27
Dom Deluise, Ella Fitzgerald, Shecky Greene, Gene Kelly,
Gordon Macrae, Kay Medford, Carrol O'Connor, Jimmy Stewart, Orsen

Volume 28

The Andrew Sisters, Lucille ball, George Burns, Sid Caesar,
Art Carney, Peggy Lee, Paul Lynde, Dinah Shore