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We are offering the Complete Set of the Amazing Spider-Man 1970's Television Program.

This spectacular action packed TV series comes in a 3 disc set featuring all 14 original Episodes (CBS 1977-1979) including interactive menus for your convenience.

We will spare you the cheezy photo copied artwork and instead will deliver what you really want, a high quality DVDR copy of the entire series. This simply means that NO ARTWORK is included just a quality DVDR.

Our primary goal is to provide you with quality and service with distinction, we use the highest quality DVDR discs to ensure outstanding performance, we also check ALL discs BEFORE they are shipped for disc integrity and quality control purposes.

As of now, we only ship to US destinations via USPS with tracking for your convenience.

Handling time is 3 business days after payment has cleared via paypal, this is to ensure disc integrity and packing security before the set ships.

We do not offer refunds due to copying issues, however, we stand behind our disc integrity and will replace any defective or problematic discs.

Trust and integrity matter to us and we pride ourselves with the goal of absolute customer satisfaction.

Worry and hassle free transaction via Paypal and prompt customer service!

Thank you!

*Payment through paypal only at this time.

Please Note: that the set is Region 1 only and therefore will only play on Region 1 enabled players in the NTSC format.

The picture quality is a 7/8 out of 10, however, considering this series has never been digitally mastered on DVD (at least in Region 1) then you must recognize the overall quality is relative to the available means.

No Art work is included for this series and they will come in DVD sleeves for disc protection purposes.

All payments due via paypal within 3 days of agreement to purchase!

With respect to our DVD offerings they all come from either imported sources, public domain sources, and private resources who value and obtain prints of rare titles.

Consequently, these films currently do not have copyright protection within the context of the United States due to the fact that they either are out of print or considering they are public domain items due to copyright expiration or domain eligibility.

These selections have not been digitally remastered by professional factories and it must be understood that their overall picture quality is relative to available the means.

For the most part, these discs should play trouble free on most newer model DVD players, therefore, if you have an older player that has trouble playing DVDR media, then you bare the risk of incompatibility.

We do not offer refunds for any titles as a general policy (due to copying issues) nor do we offer returns/refunds for player incompatibility under ANY circumstances.

We will promptly replace any defective discs but we will check the said replacement on several players to ensure relative playability, however, we do not guarantee that a given DVD player will not have compatibility issues with a particular title regardless.

One can always play these discs on a different DVD player indicating that the disc is not defective but compatibility with a certain player (usually older but sometimes certain brands) is the problem, this we can not and will not be held responsible for accordingly.