Item Description

Retail quality Video and Sound

Absolutely 10/10 quality.
No network Logos.

Full Opening and Closing credits on all 16 eps!

All 16 episodes of the 1979 Animated series, in chronological order, on 3 discs.

Tied of sub-par quality? The rating of 'Quality' is debatable. Just click on the SCREEN-CAPS of my vids, and you'll see EXACTLY the quality you'll see on your tv screen..guaranteed! Let's face it, if a seller can't/won't provide you with screen-caps, then the quality probably isn't that good!

'Light-Scribed laser-etched' disc artwork, so artwork won't peel off and ruin your dvd player!
Interactive menu - to access your favorite episode.

Dolby Digital


Format: NTSC

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