Item Description
Charlie Brown and all the Peanuts characters take the voyage on the Mayflower, to the new world. When they get there, they learn all the things the Pilgrams had to contend with like, disease, planting, building, and when Squanto showed them how to get corn (or maize, as he calls it) to grow. They eventually overcome the hardships, and finally celebrate the First Thanksgiving. The Kids will Love this Telling of the First Thanksgiving Story, and it's even Educational too!!! This disc is called "This is America Charlie Brown", and also contains 3 other educational episodes including:The Birth of the Constitution, The Wright Brothers at Kitty Hawk, and The Nasa Space Station. If your kids love Charlie Brown, why not let 'em get a history lesson while they're enjoying these episodes!!! Recorded from original disc, with chapter menus, onto a Brand New DVD-R disc, and shipped in a paper sleeve with NO CASE OR ARTWORK INCLUDED!!!