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Thai Amulet Big Size Pra Somdej Tho Wat Pra Kaew BE:2411 Back Cover Pearl Rare.


Thai Amulet Name: Pra Somdej Tho Wat Pra Kaew BE:2411 Back Cover Pearl.

Amulet Size: W 1.7" * H 2.6" (Inches)

Amulet Made Of: Powder Holy Mix pigment Holy By Wat Pra Kaew BE:2411 And The Back Cover Pearl plate.

Amulet Condition: Excellent condition.

Detail of Amulet:

Your are bidding the Buddha and the Buddha has been image Pra SOmdej Tho Wat Ra Kang.The base and back are the letters written to a measure of the building and the construction of BE: 2411, covering it with a pearl. The mixture will look brown pigment in front of the Thai amulet at Wat Pra Kaew was built by the monks chanted the 108 people who have very high energy. Established in BE: 2411. Director of construction is Rama5. The collection is stored inside the pagoda. Observing the old Thaiamulet is observed that the color and the pearl back to the old stain and soil attached to the niche. For energy security is to help make people happy for you to help with the good fortune to secure and protect all Hundred percent guarantee of authenticity from the seller.

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