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Telford's Change The Complete Series Peter Barkworth
Telford had worked for many years in a bank, and
had progressed to a senior role which involved him travelling
He decided that he wanted a change, so he applied for the job
of manager in a small provincial branch in Dover.
He raised a few eyebrows back at headquarters for his lenient
attitude to debtors, but he succeeded in attracting a large Dutch
firm to open an office in the town and to bank with his branch.
After badly advising the managing director of a local
electronics firm to expand too quickly, he rescued the situation by
suggesting that the MD should act as financial advisor to a
brilliant inventor who had no idea how to run a successful

Mrs Telford did not want to move to Dover and stayed with her
teenage son in London.
Before long she had met a theatre director (played by Keith
Barron) and they tentatively began having an affair.
By the final episode, Telford had got the concept of being a
bank manager out of his system and was arranging to go back to his
previous job.

At a first-night party for a play being staged by Mrs
Telford's lover, Telford showed up unexpectedly and gave a very
charming and magnanimous speech in praise of the lover's theatrical
abilities, while making it quite clear that he knew full-well what
his wife had been up to and that, while he did not in any way
condone it, he desperately wanted her back.

EP.01 Mark Telford starts to question his future as an
International Banker and plans on moving to Dover to be a manager
of a provincial bank.
EP.02 Mark Telford moves to Dover and starts work as the bank
manager, but Sylvia and Peter do not want to move from London to
Dover with Mark.
EP.03 Sylvia goes job hunting in London, while Mark is
concerned with the prospect of bankrupting a customer.
EP.04 Sylvia has found herself a job after sixteen years of
being a full time mother, while Mark is dealing with the local
problems in Dover.
EP.05 Mark Telford has big ideas for a local firm, but he
needs to be able to convince them.
EP.06 Mark Telford is concentrating soley on the problems of
Maddox and a take over threat, while Sylvia is with Tim Hart.
EP.07 Mark Telford takes his wife alone on his boat, hoping
that it will reignite their relationship, bringing them back to
where they were before he took his new job
EP.08 Mark Telford questions his decision to take his new
job, and Syliva is getting closer to Tim Hart.
EP.09 Mark Telford believes his days in Dover are numbered
and after his son visits him, he now believes his marriage may also
be at the crossroads.
EP.10 Mark Telford must make a decision about a new job in
the International division and also decides to meet Tim Hart.
Peter Barkworth
Hannah Gordon
Keith Barron
Nula Conwell
Michael Maloney
Martin Benson
Paul Williamson
Zena Walker
Patrick Barr
Gerry Cowper
Julian Holloway
John Carson
David Markham
Holly Palance
Bernard Hill
Simon Lack
Bill Paterson
Tessa Peake-Jones
Jacqueline Reddin
Veronica Sowerby
Richard Steele
Albert Welling
Tim Wylton
Colin Douglas
Joolia Cappleman
Colin Edwynn
Brenda Fricker
Joe Holmes
Patricia Lawrence
Charlie Stewart
George Waring
Director:Barry Davis
Writer:Brian Clark (writer)
TV Series:"Telford's Change" (1979)
Original Air Date:28 January 1979
Runtime:(10 episodes)
Encoded:PAL or NTSC
Full case artwork Incl
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