Item Description
In 192 U.C.(United Century), mankinds
are facing its very end. Orbital Ring System (ORS), the giant space
base built around the orbit of Earth for space exploration, is
captured by the unknown extra-terrestrial lifeform, "Radamu."
Despite of several attempts to re-captured the ORS, all failed.
Mankind is virtually unable to defend themselves from the
constant attacks by Radamu. Cities are destroyed, the Earth is
doomed. Instead of destroying Earth completely, Radamu invades
Earth by growing "plants" all over the surface of Earth, guard by
powerful cyborgs known as "Tekkaman."
But the war is not over. Tekkaman Blade is fighting for
Earth. Discovered by Aki and Noel, the members from Outer Space
Agency. To their surprise, this mysterious warrior, fallen off from
ORS, is actually a human being. Without any memory of himself, he
is given the nickname "D-Boy" (Dangerous Boy).
With his Radamu crystal, D-Boy can "transform" into Tekkaman
Blade with unprecedented power. So why does this Tekkaman willing
to fight against Radamu to save the mankinds?!
Dialogue : Japanese/English
Subtitle : English/Chinese/Off
Region : All Region, Free Code
Disc Type : DVD9 x 7
Screen : 4:3
Audio : Ac3, 2.0
System : NTSC
Episodes : 1-49