Item Description
BLACK RAIN by TEENA MARIE     CD of unreleased late 1990s album, taken from a rare promotional copy. A few of the tracks resurfaced on later albums, in reworked versions. Very good sound, track 10, "Butterflies" has a very short sound gap and some minor vinyl noise. CD-R format, no cover art. One time only listing! PAYPAL only! Add shipping: UK $2, Europe $3, Worlwide/US $4. tracklisting: 1. The Mackin' Game (Intro)2. I'll Take The Pressure 3. Baby I'm Your Fiend 4. My Body's Hungry 5. Ecstacy 6. Fire 7. 1999 8. Whatchu Got 4 Me 9. Black Rain 10. Butterflies 11. Spanish Harlem 12. Blackberry Playa 13. The Perfect Feeling 14. Rainbow (Outro)