Item Description
Increase your Cyclone Feed's speed and reliability with a TechT Vortex Mod SS! The TechT Vortex Mod SS incorporates a stainless steel axle and design changes to make it the most durable and easiest enhancement to install on your Tippmann Cyclone Feed System. These hard coated and teflon impregnated replace and upgrade the stock plastic internals for longer life and higher performance. The popularity of electronic controls in Tippmann A5, X7, and 98's that allow for rates of fire of up to 30 BPS, has warranted the need for higher performing internals for the Cyclone Feed that will allow the loader to keep up with the marker. TechT's testing has shown that the Vortex Mod SS will allow the Cyclone Feed to work at lower pressures, feed faster, and virtually never wear out. If it does they will replace the worn parts for life! While stock Cyclone internals need to be replaced on a regular basis, the TechT Vortex Mod SS is a permanent solution that makes your marker shoot faster and more reliably. TechT Vortex Mod SS features:
- Works on all Tippmann Cyclone Feeds
- Hard anodized and teflon coated rachet - Stainless steel shaft - Replaces your stock plastic internals - Longer life and higher performance - Limited Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty from TechT