Item Description
Instant performance results when you install the TechT Tippmann Crossover MRT Bolt! The TechT MRT Bolt for the Tippmann Crossover is an easy to install performance upgrade, with results you will see with the first shot! MRT stands for Mass Reduction Technology, TechT's system to increase the performance of your marker by reduced weight and smarter sealing design. The Tippmann Crossover MRT Bolt instantly increases your velocity by 25-30 feet per second. This allows you to lower your input pressure via the marker's regulator, resulting in better gas efficiency, lower sound signature and reduced "kick" so you can stay on target easier. The combination of lower operating pressure and the MRT's soft rubber bolt face means your Crossover now has the most gentle contact on the paintball when firing. The TechT Tippmann Crossover MRT Bolt is the smartest thing you will ever get for your Crossover paintball gun! TechT Tippmann Crossover MRT Bolt features:
- Only 15.8 grams, half the weight of the stock bolt! - Reduces recoil ("kick") of the marker for more accurate shooting

- Lowers your Crossover's operating pressure - Increases gas efficiency - Increases velocity by 25-30 feet per second - More quiet shooting

- Soft face for gentle bolt-to-paintball contact - Covered by TechT's Full Lifetime Warranty against defects