Item Description

Technician Grade Hard Drive Eraser / Wiper

Permanently & Completely Delete Your Entire Hard Drive Within Minuets

This Software will Automatically and Completely Delete the contents of any hard disk that it can detect, which makes it an appropriate utility for Fighting Identity Theft, Bulk or Emergency Data Destruction

This is a 100% Legal FULLY FUNCTIONAL version that can be installed on as many computers as you wish

*This is the exact item you will receive. Most competitors will send you the cheapest CD-R they can find with no cover art or a stick on label that will cause the CD-Rom to spin incorrectly.

*Actual Screenshots

Government Grade

Safely Deletes ALL Data

Works On Most HDD's

User Friendly


Software supports 17 security standards from various countries such as:

  • Canadian OPS-II
    DoD 5220.22 M
    Gutmann's algorithm
    German VSITR
    HMG IS5 Baseline
    HMG IS5 Enhanced
    Navso P-5329-26 (RL)
    Navso P-5329-26 (MFM)
    Russian GOST p50739-95
    US Army AR380-19
    US Air Force 5020
    One-pass zeros method
    One-pass random characters method
    User defined method (user’s pattern and specified number of passes)
    User-defined number of passes (up to 99)

Permanently deletes files/folders using a powerful wipe engine

Don't Let Identity Thieves Get Te Best Of You

Simply deleting information and data from your hard DOES NOT permanently erase it. In fact even someone with minimum computer skills can recover files deleted the traditional way

This software will also allow you to return the Hard Drive to its original state

This software will do virtually anything the expensive programs will do. The main difference is the amount of marketing dollars spent to advertise the competitors software drives the price through the roof. If you compare the actual functions of both programs you will see how similar they really are.

Check Out The Facts For Your Self

If You Do Nothing, You Are Putting Yourself And Your Family At Risk

All of our software is extensively tested and guaranteed to be 100% virus and malware free

Why Buy From Us?

Simple.....We offer high quality, full feature software on high quality media PROFESSIONALLY PRODUCED using state of the art equipment at rock bottom prices. All of our items are sealed in shipping sleeves to ensure quality and will have professionally designed cover art (Not Sticky Labels Like Our Competitors). Couple that with out 100% Guarantee against DOA Shipments and Guaranteed Delivery and you will see why we are the premier software company on eBay.

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