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Perfect Complexion Skin Care

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 Perfect Complexion TCA Complex

       Blend of 12.5 buffered with a BOOSTER!!

         Safe.      Effective.     Predictable Results.

Perfect Complexion  TCA Complex. Medical/Cosmeceutical Grade TCA w/ patented beta Booster and buffer. No timing. No Neutralizing. Several application methods to ACCOMODATE your lifestyle!  PLUS: FREE SAMPLES OF THIS AMAZING SKIN CARE LINE!!!!!!

-  Perfect Complexion Inc. Towson Maryland


Beware of NEWCOMERS to the Ebay auction! ALWAYS CHECK THE HISTORY of your SELLER to find out WHAT THEY HAVE BEEN SELLING and how long they have been selling it! Posting an EXPIRED LICENSE as a 'facialist' does NOT mean that you have any knowledge of chemicals! I have almost THREE YEARS of history selling TCA Complex and my entire skincare line on Ebay and the internet (website). I take EXTREME OFFENSE to anyone who attempts to fool MY customers and SLANDER the integrity of Ebay!


       Perfect Complexion TCA Complex

Oh, before I forget...I have an eBay store! You can bid OR BUY IT NOW! I ship FAST!!!!




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Perfect Complexion TCA Complex has sold worldwide for three years now! I LAUNCHED this ONE item, TCA Complex on Ebay in 2002! I have been continually inspired to bring ALL of my new items to eBay BEFORE they are even sold retail or wholesale or on my website!!

 I have made MANY new friends here and I am ALWAYS here for advice or just regular chit-chat!! You have ALL been my inspiration and my support!!

Julie Robins                                                   

 This is MY office! ONE treatment for RESURFACING starts at $75!!






I get the MOST AMAZING fan mail that anyone deserves to get in a LIFETIME.  My customer base is also a BLEND of the most awesome people that I have been priveldged to meet! Sometimes I think that one of my PURPOSES in my lifetime was to CREATE this skincare line for you to help you move PAST your skin care concerns and concentrate on looking GREAT and living an EXCEPTIONAL LIFE!! I feel honored to be a part of this process!

 I have NEVER posted someones identity on one of my ads, but Cori and I made an INSTANT friendship when she wrote to me and told me that she had NO MORE FAITH in skin care products and that her skin was beond repair!!!

 I challenged her to scroll through ANY of my feedbacks for 3 years and write to as many customers as she wanted to. She forwarded the amazing responses that she got back (each one blew me away!!!), and has become not only a GOOD CUSTOMER, she has become a twinkling star in my INBOX each day!

Thank YOU Cori for reminding me  of what my GOALS are!!! You are such a beautiful person...and when I get FRUSTRATED in this business, you  give me renewed strenth! I have a handful of 'Cori's' in my life  that remind me that I HAVE made a difference! This has been MY FUEL to develope these products....and there are MORE TO COME! Each one is better than the next!!!


        My experience with your A-Peel Daily has been unbelievable!!  If any of your customers are considering this product I would be honored to correspond with them and fill them in on what A-Peel Daily has done for me!!
(or you are more than welcome to post my testimonial)
I contacted Julie 6 weeks ago (November 2004) and really thought my skin problems were beyond help. I am a recovering addict and though I finally had the strength to leave my addiction behind me,  I was left with horrible scarring, which served as an everyday reminder of that Horrible part of my life, I longed to forget.
I came across Julie's products on Ebay while searching for a solution.  It was pure FATE to find her and her MIRACLE products in the shuffle...After weeks of her counseling me on her products, I sent her pics of my face and she recommended her "TCA COMPLEX" I took her advice and in only one treatment  the "TCA COMPLEX" had done everything she had promised it would. My scars were fading dramatically -  i knew Julie was the solution, not only to my scarring problem, but to ALL my  skin problems. Her samples determined my next purchase which was only a wk later. "TCA CLEANSER"  was clearing up my skin from acne; blackheads (which I have had since I was 13); as well as getting rid of my 10AM T-Zone Shine and making my new skin GLOW!! The best part about ALL Julie's products is you only use a 'dime-size' amt, but the results are worth MILLIONS!!
With my purchase of the "TCA CLEANSER" she has emailed and told me she included something new for me to try...I was so excited when she filled me in on this 'new' product. That is when Julie introduced me to "APEEL DAILY"  and in one word: WOW!!!!!!  The pkg. arrived and I had to try it right away.  By the next morning I was in love, and now 2 weeks later my skin is literally better and better every single day.

 In a few short weeks I went from pitty skin that I hated to look at... to skin that I find myself staring at for hours... it is unbelievable.

. I was never one to believe in miracles.. But JULIE ROBINS makes miracles happen. I am planning my next purchase now. I would be honored to assist anyone considering this product, email me   I WILL RESPOND!!! 
Not only has she changed the way I look. She has changed the way I feel about myself and has became a person I consider one of my "dearest" friends.  I LOVE YOU JULIE!!!!!
Cori Renee'


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