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                                      Perfect Complexion Skin Care   Perfect Complexion Inc. Towson Maryland

                       NEW!     A-Peel Correct Peel  ( 1/2 oz tube) + 1/2 Recovery Infusion + 1/2 HA serum!!

                          To ALL of my customers: For the LAST couple of MONTHS, I have enclosed a FREE SAMPLE of this APEEL with most of your orders. You have responded by bombarding my website buying it up as fast as I could bottle it!!!

                         Perfect Complexion APeel Correct Peel is NOT  replacement for TCA Complex! They are very different! The Apeel Correct Peel is being HAILED as the #1 Spa Treatment in UPSCALE MEDICALLY SUPERVISED skincare facilities for the FASTEST most remarkable skin transformation of this decade!

                        I am GIVING you all of the tools and instructions you will need to carry out your OWN skincare treatment using the APeel Correct Peel. The ingredients are retinol based and will REMAIN a secret to PREVENT copycat traders from attempting to copy this AMAZING SKIN CARE SYSTEM!! Each tube comes with a description of active ingredients in compliance with CFDA guidelines.

                 This photograph is a Before and AFTER taken in MY SALON just 72 hours apart. There IS considerable peeling while your skin goes through the transformation. You MAY wear foundation, as long as you have done your OIL infusion to keep the new skin growth SOFT And PLIABLE!!

Friday Afternoon 5 pm. Before Applying Apeel Corrective Peel cream




   BELOW: Monday Morning 6 am ONE Apeel corrective Peel application and 2 daily infusion

    for rapid healing and skin pliability.                      


  Here is what you get:

~1/2 oz. Apeel Corrective Peel cream ( read ALL your instructions and if you have ONE SINGLE question, you email ME FIRST (or call)

~1/2 oz. Infusion Oil Recovery Serum. THIS WILL BE ONE of the following potent oils that are to be used as directed. Black Walnut, St. Johns Wart, Candula, or Comfrey. They ALL contain the patented SOYBEAN OIL that is a natural antibiotic and RAPID HEALING RECOVERY ingredients. You will only be receiving ONE and I cannot specify which. They are all RECOVERY SERUMS and have the exact same active ingredients!!

~1/2 Sodium Hyaluronate. THIS ALONE IS WORTH THE PRICE OF THIS AUCTION!! I sell THIS ALONE for 29.99!! Most of you who KNOW ME and have been loyal customers for YEARS can testify to the fact that I TRULY want you to succeed at this! The Sodium Hyaluronate is your REWARD for POST PEEL!!!

Please don't be MAD, but due to the COST of materials in these products, and the fact that ONE TREATMENT at ANY salon is over $400..I WON'T be including the MUCH LOVED SAMPLE PACKS! Your Hyaluronic 1/2 bottle is your FREEBIE!!!


 You know I love you all!         

    ~  Julie                          

  I want to send out another warning about buying HIGH DOSES of TCA. I've been formulating chemicals since the early 90's and

ONE THING has never changed regarding rapid exfoliation. Your skin can only recover from a .01-.03 micron abrasion. Once you

go BELOW those levels, you will begin to produce excess SCAR REPAIR and MELANIN to actually make WOUND REPAIR.

Secondly, your OIL production is LIQUID GOLD. Collagen and Elastin is passed through several dermi to reach the upper stratum

corneum to keep the skin YOUNG and SOFT and MOVABLE. Abrading many layers, very quickly can cause your oil secretions

to go into remission or to NOT correctly secrete above the hypodermis. ALL OF THESE variables can cause Rapid Aging, Acne,

Hyper/Hypo pigmentation, Scarring and YES even skin cancer (rapid cell). Before you put your beautiful FACE into the hands of 

a STANGER, take a minute and get to know WHO THEY ARE.



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