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" I am not affiliated in any way with any other eBay seller. It has come to my attention that my ads are being duplicated. Do not fall for copycat traders! Do not risk your skin!"
TCA Complex is an exclusive rights product owned by Perfect Complexion.,Inc. Inverting these words is keywords is an attempt to fool my buyers.
Please contact me if you have been led to believe you are puchasing TCA COMPLEX by another seller!
Your are buying 1 bottle of 1 oz.
TCA COMPLEX by Perfect Complexion
All Rights Reserved.,PCIinc.

*Free SAMPLE of Perfect Complexion TCA LATTE!
This is #1 Treatment in Asia and Europe!!!!
Smooth Fast results. No down time.

No Gross Oozing weeping blistered skin!

No brown discolor melasma hyperpigmentation!

No Healing serums or special Mo-Jo magic oils!

This is AUTHENTIC and SAFE resurfacing solution!
The FIRST ever sold on eBay in 2002!
Don't put your skin at risk to people that sell glass cleaner!

or Sellers that pass off industrial grade TCA as cosmeceutical grade

Or those who post facialist licenses or Dr.s credentials!

You deserve to know the TRUTH! Its your FACE!!!!
If you read my Reveiws and Guides section then you NOW have a pretty good idea of where I am coming from. Before you PROCEED any further into the ad, I graciously ask that you take another few moments to review my 4 years of history and feedback. I welcome you to write to anyone on that feedback file and ask them about their results and what products they are currently using!

Do NOT buy this product unless you are 2000% convinced. I'm not going anywhere and you can do as much research on my line, my ethics and my reputation. I will be here when you get back!
Get all the facts before you buy TCA! There are alot of bootleg home bottlers selling it cheap in plastic shampoo bottles. Take the time to look at the sellers history. What else do they sell? How long have they been selling? Do they reply to Negative feedback as 'the competition' trying to discredit them! Using strong TCA with water to dilute it will NOT produce a long term result. In every case of a client applying 50% TCA onto the skin, the skin goes into a trauma stage where it begins to try and preserve itself using its own DNA repair. Much like a broiler burn, the top skin succombs to the detergent or chemical and the lower layers begin to send up all of its reserve in water, pus, blood, antibodies, collagen and dna repair and collagen bands. When you use strong watered down TCA your skin will turn brown and die off, however there is no proof of regenerative skincells within the epidemal wall/lining. IN fact, its much worse. The skin becomes SO DEPLETED of its own DNA that in most cases the user will see their skin becoming degenerative or actually aging faster. Burning your skin in this method has never been proven to remove lines or wrinkles, and as much as a melasma may seem to FADE for a few days, it is only because the skin used up all of its MELANIN to repair the burn,.once the skin acclimates to a normal PH and acid balance, the melanin begins to reproduce very rapidly to try and replenish what was lost,.much like severely sundamaged skin will stay brown,.Using TCA in high unaltered doses is proven to cause the same damage that the sun does. Loss of protein and overuse of the epidermal oil glands. Once you run out, you are OUT! I offer you pictures as proof: actually, just click on the next one!
"I don't sell industrial grade cheap TCA and I don't sell a product that will cause an epidermal burn!" Sometimes I feel guilty that I was responsible for bringing a safe and amazing TCA resurfacing product to eBay in 2001. I never had any clue that it would spring up so many home bottlers and bogus copycat traders. I sold to every single one of them and they are doing so much harm in saying TCA will remove tattoos and stretch marks. It will not! Customers are so afraid of retaliltory feedback that they do not warn other sellers.
They bought from me first and now their mixing cheap chemicals in their sink and selling to unsuspecting buyers. It is in my feedback history!" Julie Robins
TCA Complex 12.5% REAL pharmaceutical grade TCA, filtered white with a booster and stabilizer. Safe and Simple.
Before----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------After 4 weeks and 3 treatments.

Perfect Complexion TCA Complex. Medical/Cosmeceutical Grade TCA w/ patented beta Booster and buffer. No timing. No Neutralizing. Several application methods to ACCOMODATE your lifestyle! This product will NOT frost the skin. There are NO visable burns or oozing skin! You may may wear foundation after your treatment. TCA Complex is safe for ALL skintypes, Male/Female, All Skin types and colors.
I thank my customers for their pictures! I know some are out of focus, but Jamie said it best when she said her AFTER pictures, she had nothing to focus on because her scars and spots were gone!! That was priceless!!

This took her all summer to do! Three months of peels every 10 days. One oz. of TCA complex will last you several months!
This is a time saver for me because in order for YOU and I to look fantastic, I need to be OFF this computer and working on formulating and compounding!!!
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From: H L.
To: Julie Robins
Sent: Saturday, October 21, 2006 12:08 PM
Subject: Julie, Thank you SO MUCH!! (TCA Customer)
Julie-I wanted to take some time to thank you so much for giving me my face back! I am a stand up comedienne and the wears and tears of the road, stage make up, smokey bars, and overall stress in general have wreaked havoc on my skin, add into that a cross country move and new house and the end result is complete pandemonium of the skin. I have tried countless products, all with little lasting results, being a licensed esthetician and cosmetologist myself, this should have been second nature to me. Not the case, I would have been better off not having a license at all for how horrible my skin looked. I had never had a problem like this until now, and then came you Julie! You are a true God-send, and you gave me back my skin! With in the first night of using the TCA product(s) my skin was smoother, more radiant and the closed commodones I had gotten accustomed to steaming and lancing were GONE with out a trace!!!!! Day 3 and stubborn millia, that I could NEVER get rid of despite treatment and lancing were sloughed off with ease! Day 4 of your product and I am a believer and a Julie devotee! Your skin care line is amazing and I will forever be grateful to you, I can not thank you enough. When asked who, how and where for my skin, I will be referring them to YOU, with out a moments hesitation! How you are not a millionaire by now, I do not know, but I will be spreading the word about you coast to coast. I'd love to even link a banner of your site to my website and spread the word that way also. Keep your eye out for my name, I plan on being a regular with you. Thank you SO much,H
All sales are final in accordance with FDA guidelines and the CFSD for voluntary registration of cosmetic goods. We promise never to resell open, used, tested or returned merchandise therefore we stand firm in a no returns/exchange policy.If you have any reason to think this product is too professional for your needs, Please reconsider making this purchase.