Item Description
Based on the same-name Game Cube and Play Station
game, situation at the end of Tales of Symphonia, The Animation/
Two worlds exist, both unaware of the other, as two ends of an
hourglass where sand is mana. In times, the Angels grant their
blessing to a Chosen One who must travels to awaken the Spirits
guarding mana: that is the world regeneration. Sylvarant is the
homeland of the Chosen Colette and her friends, Lloyd, Genis and
Raine. When they reached the final stage of their quest, the true
nature of the world regeneration was revealed: the Chosen must
sacrifice herself and become a vessel for the Goddess Martel.
Refusing to let Colette face this fate, Lloyd opposed the Angels,
despite the betrayal of Kratos, and they run away to the other
world, Thethe'alla. The balance and the secrecy between the two
worlds begin to disappear, and Lloyd and his friends must now
pursue their quest in Thethe’alla to save Colette and prevent
both worlds to crumble.
Dialogue :
Subtitle : English/Off
Region : All Region, Free Code
Disc Type : DVD x
Series Type : OAV
Episodes :  1-4