Item Description

Swintec 7003 Typewriter Ribbon, Pack/1

Swintec 7003 Black Typewriter Ribbon. This cassette is the Black Correctable Film Ribbon. It does not have a shelf life and will not dry out. The film ribbon is made from a carbon paper products and will not dry out like the nylon ribbon version.

Note: Replaces Swintec SWS 1009, SWS 1010, SWS 1011, Olympia 80810, Olympia 330,Nakajima EC800

Used in the following typewriters:

  • Swinec 7000
  • Swinec 7001
  • Swinec 7003
  • Swinec 7040
  • Canon AP-9017
  • Canon AP-9417
  • Olympia Standard 300
  • Olympia Supertype 330
  • Adler Royal Powerwriter /MD
  • Nakajima AE 800
  • Nakajima AE 800F
  • Nakajima AE 800RF
  • Nakajima AE 800S
  • Nakajima AE 830
  • Nakajima AE 830F
  • Nakajima AE 830RF
  • Nakajima AE 830S
  • Facit T520

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Don't be fooled by others who are selling old surplus supplies. These Ribbons are manufactured and packaged in a sealed package. We offer Factory Sealed packages.


This eBay item is a Buy-It-Now item, orders are for a single package of one ribbon. This sealed package consists of one ribbon.