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Title: Mei Wei Guan Xi
English title: Sweet Relationship
Also known as: Fairy Tale Romance / Delicious
Genre: Romance, cooking
Episodes: 20
Broadcast network: CTS
Broadcast period: 2007-Sep-16 to 2008-Jan-27
Air time: Sunday 22:00-23:30
Opening theme song: Ai Shang Zhe Shi Jie by Vic Zhou
Ending theme song: Don't Say Goodbye by Alan Kuo
Insert songs: See Sweet Relationship OST
Related show: Oishii Kankei
Bai Hui has a refined palate that allows her to enjoy every
wonderful texture and taste different cuisines have to offer. Ever
since little, food has been the centre of her world. It celebrated
her college graduation and consoled her when her beloved father
passed away. Her love for eating ignites passion in the heart of a
genius chef, Zi Tian, who never found joy in food.
Vic Zhou as Fang Zi Tian
Patty Hou as Chang Bai Hui
Alan Kuo as He Ma Yang
Megan Lai as Ren Ke Xin
Zhu De Gang as Cheng Jia Jun
Teresa Ji as Cheng Qiang
Zhang Yong Zhi as Gao Qiao
Deng Jiu Yun
(鄧ä¹é›²) as Lu
Chuan Lin 陸å·ç³
Billie as Jin Dao Po Po
Gu Xuan Chun as Gu Jian Xian
Xu Zhen Wei as B Pang B胖
Eric Tu
(涂百峰) as
Cha Ma Ke
(查馬克) as
Cha Ke 查克
Tang Qi as Tang Tang Jie
Huang Yi Gui
as Gui Ye 龜爺
Lin You Fang
(林有方) as
Zhu Rou Biao
Cai Jie De
as Doctor Cai
Luo Bei An as Duo Feng
Bao Ma (寶媽) as Bao Ma
Fei Zhen Hua
(費鎮è¯) as Chang's
father (ep01)
Qian De Men as Restaurant manager (ep01)
Wang De Sheng
as Chang's family friend (ep01)
Eric Chen as teenage Fang Zi Tian
Wu Zhong Tian as Liang Hai Tao
Tai Bao (太ä¿) as Ma Yang's
Li Dai Ling as Ma Yang's mother
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