Item Description
N579  Genuine Swarovski Lite Cream Pearls 59 Inches Long Necklace w/ Japanese Glass Beads As Spacer Necklace  Genuine Swarovski Lite Cream Pearls 6mm 59 inches long Necklace with Japanese Glass beads as spacer it is unique attractiveness and fashionable flair to this stylish, What is in this season? Check this out! Genuine Swarovski Pearls Long Neckalce we can wear double or tripple strands Necklace, a trendy piece with bright beautiful, a perfect piece for anyone to wear for a formal or casual occassion!Material Used: Genuine Swarovski Lite Cream Pearls 6mm Pearls with Japanese Glass Beads as spacer Necklace Length: 59 Inches Long Guarantee:Satisfaction 100% For the Genuine and Good Material are used to make our jewelry We can Customize your color/length with Earrings/Bracelet as per your