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Swans Crossing


Swans Crossing is the name of a fictional eastern seaboard town in the USA. I don't think it's in a specific state, but I'm guessing that it's somewhere in Maine (although there have been other guesses). This town is a hot spot for many of the oldest and wealthiest American families. Since these families have been around for generations, there's been plenty of time for feuds, friendships, romances, and scandal to develop within them. Swans Crossing follows the lives of the younger members of these families- the teenagers. All through the series, we explore the exciting and outlandish adventures of these teens and watch as they make friends, scheme, fight, discover secrets to their pasts, fall in love, and have fun. 



Sarah Michelle Gellar (as Sydney Rutledge)

Shane McDermott (as Garrett Booth)

Brittany Daniel (as Mila Rosnovsky)

Carisa Dahlbo (as Glory Booth)

Tom Carroll (as J.T. Adams) 

Eddie Robinson (as Neil Atwater)

Stacey Moseley (as Callie Walker)




Picture/Audio Quality 8

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