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Deluxe Edition DVD (Contains 2 complete films)
Synopsis:  When Prince Siegfried spots a beautiful swan with a crown on its head, for some reason he feels compelled to follow it. He discovers that the swan is, in fact, a princess named Odette, who is under a wizard's curse that causes her to become a swan by day. The wizard, Rothbart, wants to keep Odette to himself, and the only thing that can break the spell on Odette is a man who truly loves her, with all his heart and soul . . .  NOTE: Graced with the wonderful  music of Tchaikovsky!!!
***** Limited (Deluxe) EDITION (English Version) *****  This is the much sought after 2 version DVD edition of Swan lake.  This film was released on two different occasions with certain actors doing the voices.  This contains both of those editions.  One version has Joseph Zucatti as Rothbart & Nancy Link as Odette.  The second version has Pam Dawber as Odette. Steve Knode is Siegfried in one of the versions as well.

  This oversees 25th anniversary limited edition version features tons of extras!!  Brilliant menus w/Tchaikovsky music, chapter marks thruout both films so you can skip ahead to your favorite parts! (way better than VHS),   full color case, disc graphics, etc.  And while it is from out of the US, it is entirely in English!    Will play on dvd players from around the world as it is region/free.   NTSC format.
AKA:  Sekai Meisaku Douwa - Hakuchou no Mizuumi (Japanese)
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Format: NTSC Color English FULLSCREEN
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