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Wilhelm Freddie
Danish painter and sculptor. He studied briefly at technical
college and at the school of graphic arts of the Kunstakademi in
Copenhagen, but he was largely self-taught. Freddie painted his
earliest abstracts in 1926, but in 1929 he became acquainted with
André Breton’s periodical
La Révolution surréaliste. The following
year he introduced Surrealism to Scandinavia with the painting
, Equality and Fraternity (priv. col.), which he showed at

Kunstnernes Efterårsudstilling
(‘Artists’ Autumn Exhibition’). In 1934 he met
the painters Harry Carlsson and Vilhelm Bjerke-Petersen. Through
Bjerke-Petersen, Freddie became involved with the international
Cubist-Surrealist exhibition at
Den Frie (the Free Exhibition) in Copenhagen in January
1935. Freddie exhibited there along with Magritte, Man Ray, Arp,
Miró, Dalí, Yves Tanguy and others.

He also participated in later large international
Surrealist exhibitions

Ars Konstserie

Ars Kontserie portfolio of six lithographs
(there exists an unsigned edition of
550 examples)

plate size 10¾" x 8 5/8" (27.3
x 21.9 cm.)

paper size 15 3/8" x 11½" (39 x
29.2 cm.)

Wilhelm Freddie: Det Grafiske Vaerk 1929-83,
Sonderjyllands Kunstmuseum, catalog no. 14 (illustrated)
Condition: never been
framed, full margins, some wear commensurate with age, otherwise
generally good condition