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Super Deformed Double Feature (Scramble Wars / 10 Little Gall Force)

Two seperate comedy shorts on one tape: Ten Little Gall Force
and Scramble Wars. Ten Little Gall Force is a mock documentary of
the making of Gall Force, using chibi/superdeformed versions of the
characters. Scramble Wars has the (chibi) cast of Gall Force,
Bubblegum Crisis, and Genesis Survivor Gaiarth competing in a
no-holds-barred race to the finish for the Genom cup. While these
shows can be watched without any previous knowledge of the series
they're lampooning, they're even more hilarious if you get the

Running time:62 minutes

Audio: Japanese

Subtitle: English

Extras: The making of Scramble Wars & 10 Little Gall Force
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