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This is factory outlet ! Welcome to our store ! Super 26 Weight Loss Slim coffee 100% natural and herbal original weight loss coffee Slim easy and fast,good taste weight loss coffee Description This weight loss coffee without any potential harm , most suitable for middle age people to lose weight. It`s a tcm formula, no diarrhea, no anorexia, no tired, no restrain for daily diet, no harm to the heart, liver, kidney. It can lose more than 3-8kg a month (one process) . the most active ingredients of this weight loss coffee are HCA (hydroxy citric acid) ,extracted from garcinia cambogia and some kinds of amino acid & vitamin,This herbal weight loss coffee able to prevent carbohydrate to form fat and accelerate fat burn to dispel the extra one, take hca half hour before meal will give the best result. be effective restrain rebound. Furthermore, This coffee give full feeling to decrease appetite and hungry feeling. Not affect regular diet, not cause malnutrition. According to many clinic researches of USA, it is able to reduce the formulation of fatty acid, debase appetite,lessen fat form and store up. One very popular health product in USA called citrimax", is one of the hca product. [weight loss coffee Effects] 1. Super fat burner , best weight loss coffee 2. Restraining the absorption of excess starch, grease, sugar and related substances weight loss coffee 3. Making your skin firm, smooth and delicate with various nutrients, vitamins and minerals essence inside 4. Blocking the fat absorption greatly with this hot weight loss coffee Ingredients: L-carnitine, hydroxy citric acid,genseng, hawthorn fruit, negro coffee, lotus Leaf, soybean, green tea,amino acid & vitamin Specification: 10g / bagsDosage: one bag/ time, one time per day advanced 30minutes before breakfast , next drink more boiled water Storage: seal up and keep in cool, dry place.Period of validity: 24 months Shipping: Worldwide by air mail or EMS.