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THE COMPLETE DRAMA W/ EXCELLENT ENGLISH SUBTITLES (permanent)  Will Play on Most DVD-players and PSP players.   Please ask all questions before finalizing the transaction. All items are open to reasonable negotiations. Details from Wiki     * Title: Pao Mo Zhi Xia    * English title: Summer's Desire    * Genre: Romance    * Episodes: 14 (FTV) / 25 (HunanTV)    * Broadcast network: FTV / HunanTV    * Broadcast period:      FTV: 2010-May-30 to 2010-Aug-29      HunanTV: 2010-Aug-31 - 2010-Sep-16    * Air time:      FTV: Sunday 22:00      HunanTV: Sunday to Thursday 22:30 to 23:30 (2 episodes per day)    * Opening theme song: Wo Ji De Wo Ai Guo by Peter Ho    * Ending theme song: Zuan Shi by Barbie Hsu SynopsisXia Mo and Luo Xi were both orphans adopted by the same family. Their closeness made Ou Chen, Xia Mo's rich boyfriend, increasingly jealous. He forced their separation by sending Luo Xi to study abroad. However, his overbearing behavior only pushed Xia Mo to breakup with him. Heartbroken, he got into a car accident and lost his memory. Five years later, Luo Xi returns as a super star. He reunites with Xia Mo and helps her succeed in the show biz. Just when their relationship seems rosy, it begins to crumple as Ou Chen regains his memory and does everything he can to get Xia Mo back.Cast    * Barbie Hsu as Yin Xia Mo         * Fu Pei Ci as Young Xia Mo     * Huang Xiao Ming as Luo Xi        * Wang Zheng Wei as Young Luo Xi     * Peter Ho as Ou Chen         * Chen Ling Zhen  as Young Ou Chen     * Canti Lau as Xia Ying Bo    * Kris Shen as Yin Cheng     * Chang Kuo Chu as Xi Meng     * Patina Lin as Shen Qiang     * Ke Huan Ru as Pan Nan     * Serena Fang as Jiang Zhen En     * Maggie Wu as An Hui Ni     * Yang Han as Ling Hao     * Coco Jiang as Wei An     * Liu Shu Ting by Yao Shu Er     * Huang Yi as Luo Xi's mother    * Chen Chen as Jie Ni     * Deng Ning as A Sen     * Zhao Shun as Yin's father    * Ying Cai Ling as Yin's mother    * Zhang Ke Fan  as Jam    * Lin Mei Xiu as Cai Ni    * Irene Xu as Fang Jin Hua     * Gao Hui Jun as Luna     * Yue Yao Li as Ou Chen's grandfather    * Tia Li as Ou Xing Ya     * Qi Wei as Ou Chen's fake girlfriend    * Chen Jian Zhou as Host    * Makiyo as Host    * Zhu Lu Hao as Lao Jiang I have other dramas with Excellent English Subtitles and some are not listed yet. Send me a request and I will let you know if I have the drama you want. Please note that the DVDs will come in sleeves with hand written titles. Please ask all questions before to avoid misunderstandings. I would like to get good feedbacks on all transactions.