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Title : Sukisyo + OVA

Language : Japanese

Subtitle : English

Episode : 1-12 complete + OVA (ep13)

Format : DATA disc AVI files (NOT DVD format)

Year : 2005

Plot Summary :
Sora fell from the roof of his high school and was knocked
unconscious. When he finally awoke, he found a kind-hearted boy
named Sunao waiting over him. Sunao claims to be his best friend,
but the fall erased some of Sora's memory. He doesn't remember
Sunao at all, and the wide-eyed young man acts like much more than
just a friend. From that day on, Sora begins to experience
flashbacks in which he is not himself, but a mysterious alternate
personality with hidden powers. He begins to search for the secret
of his lost memory and the flashbacks, but will Sunao be his
companion, or his enemy?

(Based on a popular BL (Boys Love) game by Platinum Label.)