Item Description

Terror goes into overtime!

Action superstar Jean Claude Van Damme teams up with Powers Boothe in a tension-filled suspense thriller from the Director of Running Scared, The Presidio, and Timecop.

Inside the Civic Arena, 17,000 rabid hockey fans gather for the Stanley Cup final game -- including the Vice President of the United States.  What they don't know is that someone is planning to have that building, and its inhabitants, blown to bits.

Van Damme plays Darren McCord, a father who brings his two children to watch the Pittsburgh Penguins versus the Chicago Blackhawks.  But when his daughter is suddenly taken hostage by terrorists, their special night out turns into a deadly race against time.  Her sinister captor (Boothe) is demanding delivery of a billion dollars from the US Treasury by game's end.

With thousands of lives at stake, Van Damme frantically sets a plan in motion to rescue his daughter and abort the impending explosion... before the final buzzer!

This LASERDISC sports a 2.35 to 1 widescreen transfer and DTS digital surround sound.  A LASERDISC player with digital coax or optical output (not just stereo RCA jacks) and a home theater system with a DTS decoder are required to play this disc properly.  There is no PCM digital track.

This LASERDISC is in Mint condition, never used, still sealed in the original shrink wrap.

This LASERDISC, unlike DVD's and BluRay discs, does not use region coding. So this LASERDISC is playable anywhere in the world as long as you have an NTSC LD player and TV. Please note, however, that a LASERDISC PLAYER is required to play it. This is not a DVD and will not play in a DVD player. I will not give refunds because you "thought it was a DVD" when you bought it.

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