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Subconscious Cruelty starts as it means to go on, with a bizarre short segment entitled Ovarian Eyeball in which a naked woman on a table is sliced open; from her wound, an eyeball on an optic nerve is produced. And so the weirdness continues, with a second 'story', Human Larvae, about a guy who wishes to make a mockery of the miracle of birth by killing his sister's newborn child as it is leaving the womb. This one is without a doubt the vilest story and should be seen only by those with a very strong stomach. Part three, Rebirth, is less intense, with a bunch of naked people rolling around in mud, fellating tree branches and shagging pools of blood! The final segment, Right Brain/Martyrdom, fuses religious symbolism with female nakedness and gore, and is a shocking slice of sacrilegious depravity guaranteed to upset Christians everywhere.

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Running Time: 80mins.UNCUT.

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