Item Description
1.Can be easily styled by a blow dryer with gels or hairspray
2.Durable and comfortable
3.With adjustable stretch cap
4.Can be used for Halloween, costumes, parties, etc
5.made of high quality
Ps:The color of actual item might be slightly different fromtip picture due to different computer or monitor color setting.
Wig cleaning:
Wig cleaning tools: special wooden handle comb, wash basins, water, shampoo, conditioner, towel dry, special care solution

1. wig is generally not easy to dirty, do not always wash, If you wear everyday, you can wash it about 1-2 months once, If you do not often wear it , wash it six months once. Use the wooden handle comb comb smoothly before Cleaning

2. Put the wig soaking in the warm water with the amount of ordinary shampoo about 10 minutes, you can gently rub the internal network, try not to catch hair rubbing position, pay attention to action , do not squeeze.

3. Washed with water, then add conditioner soak in warm water for 5 minutes, then washed with water.

4 Use a dry towel to absorb the water and then hang in a ventilated place, avoiding direct sunlight.

5. When it dry ,you can comb hair with wooden handle comb.

6. Use the disposable nursing liquid and let it dry naturally to ensure the effert of feel and luster
Wig Collection:

1. When you do not wear a wig, following the original style to comb the hair, and then set it in the shelves, long hair hang down naturally

2. If not wearing for a long time, combing it with a special comb before the collection, placed in the box, do not let it be down to something, and then use the disposable nursing liquid to wash it before wearing to keep the feel and luster.
Note: 10 degrees of warm water wash, air dry, non-chlorine bleach, trim allowed.