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Street Asylum (1990) Unrated Director's Cut

This is a strange early 90s (but probably made in the late 80s) pseudo sci-fi, action, cop thriller with Wings Hauser doing what he does best, losing his mind on screen. It also features the great Sy Richardson as a looney violent cop, G. Gordon Liddy as a police commander with a passion for dominatrices and Brion James in a small roll as an insane street preacher.

A cop is shot in the line of duty and wakes up with a strange implant in his back. He soon learns that he has been transferred to a very tough division in the police department called SQUAD, where all the men are a bunch of crazed animals who just want to destroy street scum. After a few weeks with SQUAD he notices himself acting more and more like the other crazed cops and his life begins to spiral out of control.

Starring Wings Hauser, Roberta Vasquez, Sy Richardson, G. Gordon Liddy and Brion James

Written and directed by Gregory Dark of the infamous Dark Brothers (as Gregory Brown).
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