Item Description

STRATEGIC AIR COMMAND (1955), color, 114 minutes, in widescreen

"Dutch" Holland, a highly-paid top baseball player for the St. Louis Cardinals, is recalled (at the beginning of spring training!) to active duty in the United States Air Force Reserves for a period of 21 months.  A top bomber pilot during WWII, Holland now feels like a fish out of water when he reports for duty at Fort Carswell in Texas (he even has to wear his "civvies" as his uniform from the war is different from the new SAC—Strategic Air Command—uniforms).  However, Holland gains the confidence of his superior, Gen. Hawkes, and is given command of a B-36 and a crew.  But an emergency crash landing in Greenland results in an injury that, while not immediately apparent, will cause his burgeoning new military career (as he has now been promoted to a full colonel and made a deputy commander of his new B-47 wing) to come to a halt. Will Holland be able to deal with this new setback and will he be able to return to his former career in baseball?

James Stewart - Lieutenant Colonel Robert R. "Dutch" Holland
June Allyson - Sally Holland

Frank Lovejoy - General Ennis C. Hawkes
Barry Sullivan - Lieutenant Colonel Rocky Samford
Alex Nicol - Major I.K. "Ike" Knowland
Bruce Bennett - General Espy
Jay C. Flippen - Tom Dolan
James Millican - Major General "Rusty" Castle
James Bell - The Reverend Dr. Thorne
Rosemary De Camp - Mrs. Thorne
Harry (Henry) Morgan - Master Sergeant Bible

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