Item Information
Brand Fine Fashion Jewelry
Chain theme Curb Link
Metal purity .925, and Sterling And Copper
Necklace style Figaro
Theme Fashion
Estimated Shipping 1 - 3 Days
Item Description
Hot selling Figaro Chain 30 inch 5mm .925 Sterling Silver Necklace Fashion Jewelry
Fine Fashion Jewelry Customized Figaro Silver Plated Chain Necklace
Length: 30 inch(77 cm) - Unisex - Trendy - Figaro Chain - .925 Sterling silver
Children's, Women, Men's: Anniversary, Engagement, Gift, Party, Wedding, Other
Packaging includes: 1 Curb Link Chain* Brand-new item as pictured
The pictures are image files taken of the actual item and resized to ebay recommended viewing dimensions, but what you see is a .925 Sterling silver plated 30 inch long and 0.20 inch wide Figaro style Chain necklace.
Do not damage this chain hoping to strike it rich. This chain is not made of solid silver which funnily enough would tarnish and not look this good. Stop trying to get money at pawn shops because it BLINGS! Just for personal wear.
Transaction Information
1 piece
23 Feb 2012 14:56
Very nice as usual great seller, very honest!
6 piece
08 Feb 2012 20:11
1 piece
08 Feb 2012 05:04
1 piece
04 Feb 2012 23:27
Nice item and service. Will trade again
5 piece
20 Jan 2012 09:29
1 piece
05 Jan 2012 18:53
I am really pleased with my purchase
1 piece
30 Dec 2011 18:17
1 piece
27 Dec 2011 11:47
EXCELLENT very happy with the necklace,all thought the pic does make it look bigger!
.925 (92.5%) is the percentage of pure silver in the piece of jewelry
What the Heck Does "Sterling" Mean?We hear and see “sterling silver this” and “sterling silver that” almost every day, yet many shoppers do not understand what it really means. Does “sterling” mean “pure”? Does sterling silver jewelry come from a certain part of the world? Is sterling better or worse – or the same – as pure silver? And what does that stamp on the back of my necklace mean when it says “.925”?By definition and international agreement “sterling” silver is 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% some other material – usually copper. The 92.5% is why jewelry is often stamped with the numbers 925 or .925. Why Mix Copper with Pure Silver?Now you might think, “oh, well that means sterling silver is not as good as pure silver”. Well, yes and no. It certainly isn’t pure, but sterling silver is mixed to this exact ratio for some very good reasons. Have you ever seen pure silver after a few years in the open air? If not, take a look at your grandmother’s silver spoon collection. Silver tends to oxidize (tarnish) quickly, leaving it a yucky brown color. The 7.5% copper or other metals used to make sterling silver slow down the tarnishing process.Secondly, pure silver is a very soft metal. It can bend or break easily. Adding another, more durable, metal to the mix ensures that your silver jewelry will last a lot longer, and look a lot nicer down the road. So really, sterling silver – although not pure – is usually the better option when choosing jewelry.And last but not least, adding another metal – and thus making the silver more durable – makes the substance easier for metal-smiths, jewelers and craftsmen to handle and manipulate into those intricate rings, pendants and necklaces we so adore.So there you go… next time you’re shopping for some new jewelry, or buying an anniversary gift for your girlfriend / wife, you will understand exactly what the salesperson means when they say “This is sterling silver”… even if they don’t.
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