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Dim the lights and get ready for spine-tingling suspense with this collection of eight spooky tales from horror maestro Stephen King. Featuring cutting-edge special effects and an all-star cast, each story will take you on a twisted trip to the dark side. Performers include Oscar nominees William H. Macy (who also received an Emmy nod for this role), William Hurt and Tom Berenger, along with Jeremy Sisto, Samantha Mathis, Kim Delaney and many more. Disc 1  This disc includes the following episodes: "Battleground," "Crouch End" and "Umney's Last Case." Additional Actors: William Hurt,  Eion Bailey,  Claire Forlani,  William H. Macy,  Jacqueline McKenzie,  Sigrid Thornton,  Tory Mussett Disc 2  This disc includes the following episodes: "The End of the Whole Mess," "The Road Virus Heads North" and "The Fifth Quarter." Additional Actors: Ron Livingston,  Henry Thomas,  Tom Berenger,  Marsha Mason,  Hamish Michael, Jeremy Sisto,  Samantha Mathis Disc 3  This disc includes the following episodes: "Autopsy Room Four" and "You Know They Got a Hell of a Band." Additional Actors: Richard Thomas,  Greta Scacchi,  Kim Delaney,  Steven Weber,  William McNamara,  Joe Sagal Note: This is not the box set, but a backup copy from my original discs. 10/10 quality! -Discs are high quality dvd-r's, and will ship in white sleeves. -This set comes on a total of 3 discs. -Shipping in the U.S. is $3.00 with a tracking number. International buyers pay $13.95 for USPS International Priority shipping. -Add more titles and save on shipping! -Orders ship out of California.