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Stephen Hayes To Shin Do Black Belt Home Study Course 4 DVDs Set Earth, Wind, Fire, Water All in great shape, Used very little Study for your Black Belt test at home! 16-hour 12-DVD video set presents all exercises, insights, and instructions for passing your test for Shodan 1st Degree Black Belt in Stephen K. Hayes' 21st Century ninja martial art of To-Shin Do®. Earn your Black Belt in 5-element strategy-based principle-centered combat training for stopping determined grapplers, punchers, kickers, and chokers – gritty and honest for real-world fighting victory. Train on your own, or test for colored belts by video and then take your Black Belt test at one of An-shu Stephen K. Hayes' testing seminars.Mountains of Strength 3-DVD set"Earth Element" training for stability and command in self-defenseWaves of Power 3-DVD set"Water Element" training for strategy and leverage in self-defenseLightning Strikes 3-DVD set"Fire Element" training for explosive interception in self-defenseEye of the Storm 3-DVD set"Wind Element" training for evasive effortless control in self-defense