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theChemistryConnection:Palm Stearic Acid

Premium Veggie based
Some similar products & synonyms: Emersol 120; Emersol 150; Emersol 153; Humko Industrene R; Hystrene 80; Hystrene 4516; Pearl stearic; Palm Stearic, Pristerene
2 Lb


Used in all types of personal care formulations.
INCI - Stearic Acid 100% Veggie / Palm Derived, Cosmetic grade. No Added Chemicals Highest quality & purest form extracted.
Adds silkiness & "pearl" to creams and lotions. Used in soapmaking to make a hard bar of soap. In a cosmetic wax the usage of the stearic will be about 3%.
Thickens and stabilizes lotion/cream formulations very effectively.
Stearic is used in water-in-oil emulsions, oil-in-water emulsions, and oil-based formulas.
Melting Point: Approx 57.5 - 60?C or 135.5 - 140?F
Recommended Usage: 1-20% (depending on application) Biodegradable. Store in cool, dry place.
In candles, Stearic Acid makes candles burn longer and increases melt point. Stearic is also a surfactant that allows the candle maker to blend in more fragrance for better cold throw and hot throw of fragrances. To start use 1 - 2 tbsp per pound, or about 6% by weight. Using more will also make the candle whiter and more opaque.
Make your own candles and soap - gifts for friends & family!


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