Item Description
Stealth Attraction 3 DVD's - Gambler's New PUA Method
English | 720x480 DX50 23fps 1200kbps | Mp3-128kbps | 1.7GB
Genre: Video Training
Gambler, has been teaching his methods for
"Attracting Women without Rejection" for a while
now. He recently put these techniques to paper and
ended up producing some high quality video footage -
teaching exactly how he does it.
Instead of selling these DVDs for hundreds of
dollars he decided to GIVE 2000 Of These Dvd Sets Away
AT NO COST. Obviously you can imagine, with this economy,
the type of feeding frenzy that might happen around Free Stuff.
The website quickly went down and a SOLD OUT sign replaced it.
Those DVD's were limited, so the only place to get this is here, and a blog that you will never find (it's not on Google's index nor any other search engine's index).
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